My appetite for adventure began early in life, thanks to my Dad, a pilot and avid outdoorsman, my youth was spent hunting, fishing and sailing. This later led me to surfing and diving the coasts of US and Mexico, eventually settling on Maui where I met my amazing wife. Together we traveled to Mexico, Japan, Marshall Islands, Australia and the Philippines. Living the waterman life for 25+ years gave me an appreciation for health and fitness that led to chiropractic. The adventure continues...
Dr. Chris Bruno

Christopher Bruno DC is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. In addition to receiving a well rounded chiropractic education, Dr. Chris focused his postgraduate training on restoring and enhancing functional biomechanics for optimal performance. His call to “Performance Care for Every Body” is based on his experience with training, influence and performance results in the arena of professional athletes.

Dr. Bruno attended Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California. After graduating, opportunity took him to Australia where he practiced for 3 years. Upon returning to the States with his family and settling in the South Bay in 2004, Adventure Chiropractic was born.

Dr. Chris’ commitment to delivering “Performance Care for Every Body” is what makes his practice different. This philosophy is based on first identifying and treating the real core issues that cause less than ideal function and ultimately restoring and enhancing functional biomechanics.

We treat everyone, from the high level athlete to the weekend warrior with the same approach - from initial evaluations to treatment plans and functional lifestyle changes. Whether you are looking for support in recovering from an injury, treating chronic pain or pushing your performance envelope, our care is a powerful complement to your lifestyle.

Dr. Bruno is not only a great chiropractor but he truly knows how the body should move. Due to my job in the fitness world and extensive travel, I'm so thankful that he is here to "put me back together" when my body needs it.
Sheri Long, Longevity Pilates

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