• Redondo Beach Chiropractor Dr. Chris Bruno

Performance Care for Every Body

Dr Chris’ approach was entirely different than my PT. He literally rearranged the muscles and bones in my shoulder. In two sessions I regained complete mobility in my shoulder and soon was back to swimming. Thanks Dr. Chris !!!
Harvey L.

Performance Care is based on first identifying and treating the real core issues that cause less than ideal function and ultimately restoring and enhancing functional biomechanics for optimal performance.

Restoring Symmetry and Balance. Ideally we are designed to be symmetrical, balanced right vs. left, in strength, flexibility and range of motion. Birthdays, gravity, physical, mental, and chemical stressors challenge symmetry daily.

With symmetry in mind, Dr Chris uses unique and powerful soft tissue management techniques to restore biomechanical balance. Whether recovering from an injury, maintaining a healthy active life or pushing the performance envelope, our care is a powerful complement to your lifestyle.

Seeking relief from intense pain resulting from an older broken foot injury, I saw Dr Chris hoping he could get me back to enjoying my sports. Dr. Chris’s combination of deep tissue massage, stretching procedures, and electric stimulation therapy alleviated my pain within just a few visits–without surgery, a cast, or prescription drugs.
Allan S.

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